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I'm here to prep you on what to expect on your upcoming session and some tips and tricks to make it the best possible session with the most magical photos! In this quick guide, I will cover outfit tips and timelines, but don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Tell your story.

Tell your story.

The Experience

Not too many people spend all day in front of the camera - we can't all be a Kardashian after all. So, don't be nervous, I will make you look your absolute best! I know posing feels weird and awkward, so I try to incorporate movement into my sessions and capture genuine laughter. That's not to say I won't get the photo of everyone smiling directly at the camera for grandma's mantle, also!

Tips and Tricks

*Let me know about anything you dislike about yourself (physical insecurities - we all have them, I promise!).
*Let me know about any disabilities and/or mobility issues anyone in your party has so that I can plan accordingly.
*Let your kids be themselves!
*Focus on me and let me worry about kids (some kids won't smile for photos and that's OK!).
*Bring toy/noise makers for kids so I can help grab their attention.
*If you're bringing a dog, bring their favorite squeakers.
*Bring someone to help.

What to Wear

More About Me

Outfit changes: For a session, you are allowed one outfit change. For engagement/Senior sessions, you are allowed two outfits. Mini Sessions don't include outfit changes due to the time constraints.
I provide a pop-up tent so you can change in privacy, no matter where we are. Please let me know if you plan to bring multiple outfits so I am adequately prepared.

  • Wear something comfortable, discomfort will show on your expression!

  • Take the weather into consideration - again, discomfort will show on your expression.

Don't be too matchy, matchy as your clothes will blend into a single being.

  • Keep your location/backdrop in mind so as not to blend into your background.

  • Consider your location when choosing shoes (high heels will disappear into the sand).

Wear something that expresses your personality, don't try to look like some Insta-Model you saw on TikTok, just be you!
After the Session


Delivering Galleries

*Keep an eye on my social media pages - I post a sneak peek from your session within 3 days.
*Galleries are delivered within 14 days of the session via email.
*Instructions on how to access your gallery and download your images will be in the email.


to choose

*You will be given the option to choose the number of images based on the package you have purchased with the option to purchase more images and/or the whole gallery.
*If you opt to purchase the whole gallery you will receive a 20% coupon.


Prices available on gallery

Prints/products are available directly from your gallery link.

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