What does a full service planner do?

5. Manage Vendors

Your planner will provide vendor referrals (so you don't have to scour Facebook messages from 1200 vendors or try to Google the best vendors in your area). They may also be able to negotiate vendor discounts for you. They manage and track payments and vendor timelines.

4. Design Details

Your planner will sit down with you and help you realize your design dreams. They will then implement those designs into your real-life fairy tale wedding. They create detailed floorplans and layouts, as well as a streamlined timeline that includes all vendor arrival/departure times.

3. Rehearsals and Tastings

The planner also coordinates tastings (which is, obviously the best part of wedding planning!). They will also run your rehearsal for you.

2. Wedding Day Management

The planner and their team manages everything on the wedding day. They handle set up and break down, they manage the day of timeline, they provide you with a plate so you don't have to stand in line (if you have buffet-style dinner vs a plated dinner service).

The #1 Reason You should Hire a Planner

If all of the above reasons weren't enough, the main reason you should hire a planner (if it's within your budget) is that they make your life SO much easier leading up to the wedding and on the day of. They remove the stresses of planning and coordinating everything and leave you to manage the fun stuff (like tastings).

If you're looking for a full-service planner in the Charleston area

I highly recommend Tara LeClaire and her team.

Meet Tara!

Tara is a full-service planner based out of Charleston, SC. She creates some truly magical designs and her team showcases the upmost professionalism. They are always happy to help on the wedding day but seem to always be having a good time.

Tara has been in business officially for four years, but has served as a freelance wedding planner for 6 years prior to that. She also coordinated Air Force events, being an Air Force wife.

Wedding Photography Charleston

What is your favorite venue and why?

"While there are a ton of amazing venues in the Lowcountry, my favorite is Cannon Green because I was a venue manager there for 3 years and working there is like coming home."

What is the one thing you suggest to every couple?

"Make sure you connect personally with your photographer because they are up close and personal with you for your whole wedding day."

How would you describe your style?

"I'm a low-maintenance kind of person. I prefer yoga pants and a concert Tee any day of the week!"

When you're not planning weddings, what do you do for fun?

"I love watching movies in my jammies or in the summer months I enjoy being in the sun either at the beach or on the boat!"

Why do you think couples should hire a full-service planner?

"Full planning allows the planner to start from the beginning and is more hands on and aware of every detail. It makes the day of the wedding flow much smoother when I plan from the start."

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If you're interested in booking planning services with Tara, feel free to check out her website here.

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