3 Reasons You Should Hire a Day of Coordinator for your Wedding

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So what does a day of coordinator do?

Let's start with what does a day of coordinator do?

Now, each coordinator and business is different, but most will do the following:

  • communicate with vendors on the day of (and some will even cover communication for several weeks leading up to the date)
  • manage day-of timeline
  • handles set up
  • handles break down
  • makes a plate for bride & groom (you don't want to stand in line if you have a buffet, trust me!)
  • coordinates the procession line up

Reason #1: Set up/Break down

Picture your wedding day. What do you imagine?

If you're anything like me, you imagine walking down the aisle, or drinking champagne with your best friends as you're getting hair and makeup, you might imagine your first dance, or even just getting down on the dance floor.

You know what you don't imagine? Staying late, once all your guests have gone to clean up. Stacking chairs in your wedding gown. Taking off your shoes and bagging up the trash.

Your day of coordinator will handle all of that for you.

We hired a coordinator for our wedding, but we insisted on setting up the venue ourselves - that was a HUGE mistake. The morning of our magical day, we were stressed, sweaty, and smelly. No one wants to start their special day like that! Trust me.

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Reason #2: Timeline

As a photographer, I will say if you don't have a coordinator or a planner on your wedding day, your timeline management falls on two people - your photographer and your DJ.

And that puts extra stress on two vendors who already have a lot to do! And while we do our absolute best to manage your timeline and stay on track, sometimes we get sidetracked with doing our jobs.

Having a dedicated person to manage your timeline is going to be the best thing for you to keep your wedding day flowing.

Reason #3: Vendor Management

Now let's imagine you're sitting in the make up artist's chair, laughing with your friends, mimosa in hand. Your phone rings. It's the florist - she is lost and can't find the venue. She's frantic because she's already running behind.

Let someone else manage your vendors! It's just one less stress that you have to worry about on your magical day.

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Vendor Highlight

Meet My Personal Coordinator, Char!

Charlotte, of Whatley Wedding Design, was the coordinator for my personal wedding! She made my day absolutely flawless. We decided on working with a coordinator versus a planner because our wedding design was unique and my engineer husband was able to build out most of the design elements we wanted.

Char was kind enough to answer some interview questions so you can get to know her!

What is your favorite Charleston venue?

"There are so many beautiful venues in Charleston, you can't go wrong! I personally love venues that have gorgeous outdoor scenery but also provide indoor options for dinner and dancing!"

What is the one thing you suggest to every couple and why?

"I always suggest COLOR to my couples!! While I love the timeless look of whites and ivories, bringing in some fabulous pops of color into the linens, napkins, or florals is a fun way to make your wedding feel like you as a couple!"

How would you describe your own personal style?

"My personal style is a bit of a mix. I love muted shades of bright tones - greens, yellows and purples are my favorite...but you'll also catch me wearing a lot of gray and black!"

Why do you think couples should hire, at minimum, a day of coordinator?

"Hiring a wedding planner will save you so much stress, both in the planning process and on the day of the wedding! Oftentimes, we're able to get you better deals with vendors (cheers to discounts!) and help you navigate opportunities for cost savings. On the day of, we will handle any issues that come up- ask me about the time the cake was delivered to the wrong venue!-and come up with on the spot solutions. Even the most well-organized couples need some help!"

When you're not planning, what do you do for fun?

"When I'm not wedding planning, I love reading a new book, playing with my two dogs, Stono and Sadie, or grabbing a glass of wine in Park Circle. You might also catch me dreaming of my next vacation destination - looking at you Iceland!

While we used Char's month of coordination service, she is also available for full planning! Check out her website for more information here: https://www.whatleyweddingdesign.com/