What should you include in your emergency kit? This one is a little unconventional!

So what is the number one thing you should include on your wedding day?

A second outfit!

It seems so incredibly basic to have a second outfit, and it's something that is rightfully on trend right now, but keep reading to find out why this is so important!

Charleston Wedding Photographer
Charleston Wedding Photographer

In the event of Emergency

Consider you tear your dress or spill red wine on it. You're going to want something to change into! Assuming this happens later in the day, it will seem like a planned part of the evening when you come out stunning in outfit number two.

Charleston Wedding Photographer
Charleston Wedding Photographer
Charleston Wedding Photographer

It's not everyday you wear a wedding dress

Since you likely won't wear your dress for long periods of time before your wedding day, you don't know how the dress is really going to feel after a long day. It might actually be incredibly uncomfortable, it might chaffe, or it might be hard to sit down in. So having a second outfit is a great option to overcome the discomfort on your big day!

It's just plain fun!

It's as simple as that. It's fun to have another amazing outfit! Even if you only wear it as you exit your wedding to an after party or honeymoon!


If you leave the tags on, you can decide not to wear the dress and return it after the wedding!

Charleston Wedding Photographer


There are some great, inexpensive retailers that sell come pretty cute dresses, like this one from Lulus or this one from Shein. If you want to spend a little more, check out your local bridal boutiques.