Just Take the Photo!

Imagine a wedding day that is stress-free and worry-free because you have already planned everything out the way it needs to be. Getting your bridal portraits done prior to your wedding day can help alleviate several stresses.

Use Bridal Portraits as a Trial

Trial hair and makeup is an absolute MUST (unless you get hair and makeup done regularly by a professional you trust). Having the trial hair and makeup gives you the opportunity to ensure you get the look just right. Sometimes a hairstyle you see on Pinterest doesn't look great on you or it doesn't compliment your dress style.

It gives you the opportunity to see how your makeup artist works and to see approximately how long it will take to be in hair and makeup. Knowing that your hair and makeup artist knows exactly what you want will save time and stress on the actual wedding day.

Bridal portraits also gives you the opportunity to wear the dress with your hairstyle for an extended period of time. You'll get to test out whether your dress snags pieces of your hair or if your veil doesn't stay in as you move around.

Charleston Wedding Photographer

Less To Worry About on the Day

Having the bridal portraits done and out of the way removes one more thing from your to-do list on the actual wedding day. It saves time on your wedding day. And one less thing on your to-do list also removes one more stressor!

Get to Know Your Photographer

Bridal portraits gives you the opportunity to have a one-on-one session with your photographer. It shows you how he or she works, how efficient they are, and how creative they can be.

As the bride, you will spend the most time with the photographer on the day of the wedding, so you want to make sure you vibe with him or her.

Charleston Wedding Photographer
Charleston Wedding Photographer
Charleston Wedding Photographer

Where and When

Plan your bridal portraits within a month of your actual wedding date. This ensures your dress is tailored and ready to go.

I recommend having your portraits done at your wedding venue - most venues allow this during the week or in the mornings. If your venue is not an option, I recommend finding a space with a similar vibe and look as your venue so the photos transition seamlessly with your wedding day photos.

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