More than just a drink.

Haven't you heard, champagne is more than just a drink now? It does so much more for your wedding than just getting your guests a little buzzed. Keep reading to see some unique ways you can incorporate this bubbly beverage into your wedding day to give your guests a little more to do and see.

Charleston Wedding Photographer
Charleston Wedding Photographer
Charleston Wedding Photographer

Champagne Wall

First up is the champagne wall. It's a beautiful piece of decor that your guests can interact with. You can dress it up however you want. It's great for an easy champagne toast or just to help your guests skip the bar line. You can also use this to supply table numbers, just attached a name tag to each glass. Guests can take a glass as they take their seat.

This champagne wall was provided by MOD Events here in Charleston.

A Different Kind of Champagne Wall

These interactive champagne walls are a fun and unique way to serve your guests. Guests walk up to the wall, which can be decorated in a manner that matches your decor, and a hand pops out of the wall to provide a magical glass of champagne.

Charleston Wedding Photography

Champagne Tasting or Pairing

Consider having a tasting or a pairing dish with various types of champagne during cocktail hour. It gives your guests something interactive to do and it provides a conversation starter for guests who may not have met each other yet.