What to Wear this Winter

The biggest question I get asked as a photographer is "what should we wear?" Well, today is your lucky day, because I'm going to tell you what to wear for this winter's photoshoots. We will discuss what's trending, what photographs well, and color palettes that are so in.


Neutral tones are on trend right now. Think camel, rust, sage greens, and earthy tan. This color palette works for most skin tones, and easily works as a capstone wardrobe to pair any color or pattern with.

For photos, these warm neutral tones work in almost any setting.

Charleston Photographer


Being matchy-matchy for photos is an outdated trend. We all know those photos from the 90s where a family is wearing matching white Polos and blue jeans? But more than being outdated, this fashion faux pas makes each person blend into the next. It turns the whole family into a single being and we don't want that!


Do wear complimentary colors. If you look at a color wheel, colors that are opposite will compliment each other. This helps give each person their own individuality and makes the photo pop! Be sure to choose clothes of the same tone and vibrancy, as well!

Charleston Photographer

Keep the Occasion in Mind

If you're taking holiday photos, don't hesitate to dress for the holiday! Wear a white Christmas dress or a faux fur coat (which happens to be trending). Here in Charleston, the weather is still pretty warm, but to give the "cozy holiday look" don't be afraid to get a little warm for the photo.

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Choose Fit over Size

Make sure your clothes fit you. We are taught that a certain number size is better than others, but wearing clothes that are the wrong size isn't going to look good in your photos. Not only will your clothes be too tight, too small, or overly baggy, but you will look uncomfortable in those clothes.

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"Don't get hung up on the size. If you feel bad about yourself because a 12 is what fits, take a Sharpie and write 6 on the label." - Stacy London
Charleston Photographer
Charleston Photographer
Charleston Photographer

Winter Style Trends

Chunky Booties

Thick, chunky soled booties are back in the best way!

Straight Leg Jeans

You might have heard, but skinny jeans are out and straight leg jeans are in!

Faux Fur

Nothing screams winter wonderland like faux fur!

Prominent Shoulders and Sleeves

Prominent shoulders doesn't necessarily mean 80s style shoulder pads, but think more like accents and flares.

Charleston Photographer
Charleston Photographer