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A Carolina Girl Wedding

I was so enamored with Casey and Tyler because they reminded me so much of me and my husband. They are a calm, cool couple that actually live in Colorado but love adventuring. When I spoke to them, they honestly just resonated most of the things I felt. And hearing what they wanted for their wedding was so refreshing. They just wanted to be surrounded by people they love and having a good time. They're no fuss kind of people, and I'm totally here for it.

The Venue: The Carolina Girl Yacht

This venue (The Carolina Girl on John's Island) is honestly one of my favorites. The staff are so incredibly warm and accommodating - they know what they're doing but are also almost always happy to oblige. They also know how to steer us out of rain, which is exactly what happened during Casey and Tyler's wedding.

Getting Ready

There is a small space on the bottom floor of the Carolina Girl Yacht, and that's where the ladies got ready.

The boys, however, got ready at the Courtyard Waterfront in Downtown Charleston. It's a convenient spot with some beautiful views for the groom and his men to hang out.

First Looks

These two started with a prank that got the party started with a lot of laughter.

The Ceremony

Just like my own wedding, these two held a sand ceremony. I might be biased, but I love the idea of a sand ceremony - just the meaningfulness of it is so special. Once the two colors of sand are combined, there are still two distinct colors - two individuals with their own unique qualities - but the sand can never be separated. No matter what, those two colors will stay intertwined. And I love that as a metaphor of marriage. It's not two people becoming one entity but rather two people connecting themselves to each other forever.

The Views

The best part about the Carolina Girl? It offers the greatest views of Charleston.

The Party

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