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A Friday Kind of Love: Kayla and Chris

The best part about Kayla and Chris' love story is that I'm the reason they met. While I definitely don't credit myself for them falling in love, I do credit myself for dragging Kayla to a 5:30 AM kickboxing class that she got addicted to when she still lived here in Charleston. She continued to go to the kickboxing class (she claims because it was such a great workout, I suspect it's because of the cute boy in the 5:30 AM class that flirted with her).

When Chris told me he was going to propose, my first reaction was "duh." These two are a perfect pair - goofy, dancing, Disney-loving, sing-a-long, over-the-moon perfect for each other.

Don't get me wrong, I was ECSTATIC for them (mostly for her). Kayla is actually one of my best friends. And as my best friend, I've been with her through years of heartbreak, mistreatment, and loneliness. Together we've watched as all of our friends found their peoples while we continued to just be bridemaids.

Kayla is one of the kindest, most giving people I know and she deserves a love like this, so I was SO EXCITED to get to photograph this engagement session.

Chris asked me for my opinion on her ring, but I love that while he took my opinion to heart, he chose this all on his own. And it's perfectly Kayla. It's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. Don't you think?

Chris' original plan to propose got completely ruined, thanks to Covid. He had this beautiful plan of proposing to her on the beaches of Tulum or on the sunset of the cruise out on the water, but their cruise got cancelled because of Covid. So, he was quick to make a new plan. They love the mountains, so he tried to book a cabin in the woods over New Years. But that plan also failed.

They decided to book a trip to Asheville. He thought of proposing at dinner, but they didn't go to dinner (again, I blame covid for that one). The next day, he tried to propose next to a beautiful waterfall. But the waterfall was jam packed full of people. He chose a new spot, but the road to get there was closed. Then he remembered this amazing bridge that was usually devoid of people, so he drove her there. At this point, Kayla was tired and frustrated with being in the car driving around aimlessly and started to get grumpy.

They got to the bridge, and Chris, after months of planning and cancellations, after months having to keep the biggest secret from his best friend, was finally able to drop to his knee, and ask her to be his forever.

She said yes.


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