• Jenni

A Magical John's Island Proposal

Christine, of Pampas and Picnics, reached out to me because she was planning a proposal picnic for James on Sullivan's Island. The week of, it threatened to thunderstorm. So she scrambled to find an indoor venue for James as he had planned a party for later that evening and couldn't change the date. Luckily, Hart Meadows Ranch had their yurt available!

James had his heart set on proposing on the beach, so Christine set up a small picnic on the beach (yes, there's a private beach at Hart Meadows Ranch!) and a second picnic in the yurt.

When James and Shawn got there, I went to hide behind the wood slat fence, so I could capture those sneaky photos.

I happened to lean against the gate and it made the loudest squeal and slowly opened which prompted Shawn to look back at me. We made direct eye contact before I very ungracefully ducked behind the gate. Luckily, James took that as his queue to pop the question!

From there it was all laughter! These two were some of the most joyous people I have had the pleasure of working with!

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