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An Intimate Wedding in the Heart of Downtown Charleston

When I first moved to Charleston (back when I was young and single), I used to hang out on Upper King Street with my girlfriends. We would hit up the usual favorite spots, Prohibition, Midtown, Cocktail Club, and the Stars Rooftop. I walked passed the Upstairs at Midtown and always imagined hosting a small event there. So I was truly delighted to be hired on to Guy and Tyler's wedding at this charming little venue in the heart of Downtown Charleston.

I was drawn to Tyler and Guy's story because it was so similar to my own. Our beautiful bride, Tyler, was on a business trip when she happened to pop open her Hinge app. In those short few moments, Guy, happened to be driving through the same area. And they matched.

What an insane set of absolutely perfect circumstances, right?

The Venue: The Upstairs at Midtown

This venue has some unique qualities that make it absolutely beautiful.

The historic building is incredible with exposed brick walls and original hardwood floors. It has two distinct rooms and a covered outdoor space, with a beautiful bridal suite upstairs. The size of the venue is good for a small, intimate wedding of about 30-50 people.

The Ceremony

Guy and Tyler held their ceremony on the covered patio. When Tyler walked out into the sunlight, the entire room burst into tears. You can always tell when a couple is seriously loved that people are literally moved to tears at the sight of their union.

Is this not the most moving first look you've ever seen?

Our Beautiful Bride and Groom, and their Favorite People

The Upstairs at Midtown has this beautiful rooftop deck that catches the perfect sunset and has views of the Ravenel Bridge on a clear day. We got lucky with these clouds.

Let's Get this Party Started

These two had their dance party on the covered patio. The team at the Upstairs at Midtown flipped the venue quickly and efficiently while everyone was inside enjoying cocktail hour.

I still think I'd like to host a small event at this venue. Maybe a cute little baby shower when the time comes!

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