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How to Plan an Epic Proposal

Getting engaged in today's society of social media and viral videos has become harder and harder to do. The bar has been set too high by those sky diving, bungee jumping, eagle note-card proposals that we watch on the daily on social media. What happened to a nice dinner or a walk by a waterfall?

The pressure is on.

But, it doesn't have to be! I've got a few tips and tricks to make your proposal memorable, magical, and one that will leave everyone a little teary-eyed.

Step One: Be Prepared

All right - I've seen too many guys jump the gun and just "do it." It almost never ends well - she might say yes, but she will complain to her friends and post epic viral proposals on her IG story for weeks after.

You need to have a plan. It doesn't need to be elaborate or costly, but it does need to be thought out.

A plan should include the basic W questions (who, what, when, where). Choose a location first. Your location should be somewhere you're very familiar with - don't try to go somewhere new! And now - choose two more back up locations in the event the first is closed for some reason. Then choose the when. If you're working with a photographer for this part - she/he can help you pick the timing based on your location.

And with your plan - you need to have a back up plan in the event that weather or cramps ruins your first plan. Your back up plan could literally be that your plan A is fluid and transferrable to a new time/date.

Don't be afraid to involve her/your friends/family! They can help facilitate your plan and run interference when necessary.

Step Two: Make it Relatable

When I say relatable, I mean relatable to your unique love story. Everyone is different - so watching these viral proposals on Tik Tok aren't necessarily what your partner wants. If your partner is a shy introvert, for example - don't plan to pull her on stage at the cruise ship concert and propose in front of hundreds of staring strangers. However - if your partner is the literal lip sync battle champion of Carnival Cruise Lines - then DO plan to pull her on stage on the cruise ship concert and propose in front of hundreds of staring strangers!

Your love story is completely yours to tell. Think back on things you've enjoyed doing together, on where you went on your first date or had your first kiss. Go full Jess and Nick and remember the first time you ever saw your partner. Use those memories to fuel your proposal plan.

It can literally be as simple as taking her back to the spot where you met and getting down on one knee and asking her to marry you. It can also be as elaborate as you'd like: take her back to the spot where you first met, that you've had a professional decorate with a giant marquee sign, balloons and a Mariachi band to play her favorite Taylor Swift song in Spanish.

The point is - make it unique to your relationship. Don't try to copy what everyone else is doing. Making it unique to you is what is going to make it memorable and will make every cry hearing how you first saw her in this exact spot.

Step 3: Help a Girl Out

Y'all - make sure she looks good. I know this sounds so silly but this is one of the biggest moments of her life! Trick her into thinking she's going to a fancy dinner or out with her friends for a cocktail. Do SOMETHING so she doesn't show up in pink leopard print jammies (UNLESS pink leopard print jammies are totally her thing and she looks damn good in them).

Just remember, this is a moment she will remember forever and hopefully have documentation of. You don't want her to be too embarrassed to share the photos because she wasn't wearing a bra or her hair was doing kind of rat's nest thing. Not everyone cares about this, but a lot of people do.

Step 4: Documentation

This takes me to the last step - PHOTOGRAPH IT. As a professional photographer, I always recommend you hire someone, but you don't have to! You can set your phone on a tripod and film it or you can ask a friend or a stranger to snap a quick picture for you. But do something!

Again, this is one of the biggest moments of his/her life. You will both want to share this moment with friends and family and complete strangers on the Internet, but you'll also want to be able to look back on it yourself and show your kids or your dogs later in life.

So that's it, folks. Simple or elaborate doesn't matter - what matters is you're asking to spend the rest of your life with the person you love most. Just remember that and everything will be just fine.

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