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Wedding Wednesday: Why you shouldn't do your own makeup

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Cost savvy brides are always looking for a way to cut costs and save money for their big day. Hair and makeup are usually one of the first things to DIY.

This week I had the privilege of meeting with a local Charleston makeup artist, Destiny of a Brush with Destiny. We discussed why you shouldn't DIY your own makeup and you SHOULD hire a pro.

Destiny is an Alaskan-born, Las Vegas girl, new to the Lowcountry. She has worked with brides, celebrities, and Vegas theater actors. She is a boho chic stylist which is perfect for our Lowcountry vibes!

For the Perfect Photo

I asked Destiny why brides shouldn't do their own makeup. She explained that a professional knows what to use and what not to use to make sure you photograph perfectly. Makeups high in SPF, she explained, actually photograph whiter than they appear. There's a highlighting quality in them that will reflect in photos. The high quality, photo-ready makeup that a professional will use is also going to look better in photos than your more common drug-store brands. Professional makeup is also made to last the entire evening.

In addition to the right type of makeup, makeup artists are also trained to know how to highlight your best features while minimizing your not-so-favorite features. For me, Jenni, for example, I LOVE my freckles and have pretty decent skin, so for a look like mine, she explained, she would go with a light coverage foundation, maybe even just a tinted moisturizer to balance out my skin tone while still allowing my freckles to shine through.

For the Fun of it

Destiny also says that you deserve to be pampered on your special day! How often will you get to have professional makeup like a celebrity? Allow yourself to be pampered and polished, at least just this once (but definitely more than once).

It can be incredibly stressful trying to manage your own makeup on the big day when there are a ton of other things to manage and keep track of. Allowing a makeup artist to be a part of that day not only ensures the best quality, but it also takes one thing off your plate and helps you keep a timeline. A makeup artist knows how long you will need to get ready, and will help you build that into your timeline so you don't feel rushed.

How do you choose a MUA?

There are so many choices out there, how do we choose a single person or team to help us on our big day?

Start by looking for someone with the same style that you are going for. If you have a certain look you want for your big day, find a makeup artist that specializes in that look. And then interview those artists to find someone who you like.

"Choose someone you vibe with," Destiny suggests. "Pick them according to their energy." You should get along with your makeup artist. They are someone you will need to trust but also someone you'll have fun being around. Your MUA will be LITERALLY in your face for an extended period of time. And having someone you don't enjoy being around is what's going to make that experience less enjoyable.

What about Covid?

Destiny explained that sanitation was a huge priority even before covid, but now it is even more so. It's not just sanitizing your brushes, but also your kit and your person. She has a very minimal touch policy and now even offers single use brushes.

As a makeup artist, she can even help you choose a mask design that will compliment your makeup and your wedding aesthetic!

Get the perfect look

There are definitely a lot of great ways to save on cost for your big day, but don't compromise your look to save a few dollars. Remember, you will have these photos for the rest of your life. These are the photos that you and your family will hang on your walls for all to see.

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