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What is a Wood Flower?

A big part of every wedding are the florals: the bouquet and the centerpieces. What if your bouquet could last forever?

It can! Have you heard of wood flowers?

I got to speak with Jordy, the owner of Pinewood and Petals, a local wood flower store based out of Summerville, SC.

Jordy was married in the thick of COVID-19. This presented a unique opportunity for her to explore various options for getting crafty and creating her own decorations. She made everything from hand-made candles as wedding favors, hand-made masks for the guests. They even made their own beer and wine with labels to match! Naturally, she made her own bouquet and centerpieces from wood flowers.

Jordy discovered wood flowers thanks to all the Cookies on her phone sending her unwarranted ads. As a marine biologist conservation is something she strives to achieve in every area of her life. Wood flowers were an affordable, environmentally friendly, and sustainable floral option. They last forever and are 100% biodegradable.

She quickly realized that she enjoyed making these floral arrangements, but she was also good at it. So, Pinewood and Petals began!

Top Reasons to Choose Wood Flowers

  • Wood flowers are unique, personalized and have that Southern, rustic feel.

  • These flowers are way more durable than real flowers.

  • While the natural color is ivory, the flowers can be dyed to match any color scheme.

  • And you can add your favorite scent to your floral arrangement!

  • Sustainable and biodegradable

So when considering your wedding floral needs for your Charleston wedding, consider Pinewood and Petals and her beautiful wood flower arrangements!

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