Is a private last dance worth it?

First of all, what is a private last dance? Well. It's exactly what it sounds like. All of your guests get asked to leave the main reception area and you get one final dance together to end the night.

I know, you just had the party of your lives, planned for months, stressed all day, why add one more thing to your to do list?

I've got three reasons you should.

This is your

private moment

You spend all day surrounded by other people - your wedding party, your guests, your family and your vendors. Even when you finally get to be with your S.O. you're still surrounded. The couple rarely gets a moment to themselves on the wedding day. It's so hectic and so many people are vying for your attention. So why not end the night with just the two of you, recapping the best day of your life?

Help out your coordinator

If you are planning a formal exit, having a private last dance gives your coordinator the opportunity to get everyone lined up and ready to cheer you out the door and into your exit vehicle. If you don't have that private last dance, you'll be standing around waiting for them to get everyone lined up, and frankly, that's going to be incredibly boring. Corralling folks who have spent the last several hours drinking and partying is like herding cats. It takes longer than you would think.

It keeps your photographer happy.

This part of the night is usually when we see the most emotion, and as someone who's whole job is to capture emotions, I highly encourage it!